Chris Cummings (Office Assistant)

CUMMINGS-ROB-184I’m Chris Cummings. I’ve been the part-time office assistant since Fall of 2009. When I first started working here I assumed that the church office would be a formal, serious place to work. Boy, was I ever wrong. I’ve laughed longer and harder at this job than at almost any other. It’s an amazing experience to work at a place where they truly care about your well being. I absolutely love working here and getting to know church members whom, if not for my presence in the office, I probably wouldn’t have otherwise met.

I previously worked at Procter & Gamble, where I met the love of my life, Rob Cummings. We married in 1999. Shortly thereafter, Rob adopted my daughter, Cory. Joining our family in 2000 was Kylie, and then in 2003, Xander. We also have an adorable Mini Goldendoodle named Bailey and a cat who looks upon us all with disdain, Bobby Sox.

Things that make me happy: my family, being with my church friends, chocolate,
laughter, the outdoors, reading, more chocolate, snow, rain (any type of
inclement weather!), the ocean, ducks, milk chocolate, lighthouses, the Outer
Banks, and did I mention chocolate?

Chris can be reached at