Church Leadership

ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD This Board meets every other month to make decisions for the church. The Administrative Board hears and reviews reports from all of the ministry areas of the church and sets the church’s direction by planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, and witness in the local church and in the surrounding community. The Administrative Board is chaired by Leon Huff.

FINANCE COMMITTEE Oversees the finances of the church, sets the annual church budget, and helps to raise church support through the education of church members and stewardship programs. The Finance Committee meets every other month and is chaired by Kevin Meyer.

STAFF PARISH RELATIONS COMMITTEE Oversees the pastors and staff by evaluating their job performance and making salary recommendations. The SPRC also recommends new staff positions and seeks individuals to fill those. The SPRC encourages and supports the pastors and staff persons and tries to promote unity in the church. The SPRC also interviews and recommends from the local church persons who are seeking candidacy for ordained ministry. The SPRC meets quarterly and is chaired by Lynn Crane.

TRUSTEES COMMITTEE Oversees the church building/property and its maintenance. The Trustees also approve groups in the community for usage of the building. The Trustees meet monthly and is chaired by Richard Bedner.

MISSIONS TEAM Oversees the mission work of the church and looks for ways for the church to serve in the community and world. The Mission Team also sponsors and supports several missionaries and ministries in the local area and throughout the world. Missions Team is led by Christy Blundy.