How we are using Zoom to Record for Worship


This week at Florence UMC, we are using Zoom Meetings to record segments of our worship service from the individual homes of our leaders. I have put together this quick video tutorial for you to be able to do this for your church, if you would like, also.

Understand today when I recorded this video, I have four people using the Internet for school and work so my Zoom Screen Share is could be more clear if we were not all online at one time in my home. I would not recommend filming your worship segments under these circumstances. We filmed ours last night, when my kids and husband were done with work and school.

In order to quickly make and publish this video, I chose to not worry about my reflection being in my laptop screen 😉

If I can, I will update this all to look better in the next week…but for now, please use this simple video to help bless you with an explanation of how we are using Zoom Meetings to cut the various elements of worship so that I will splice our worship service together to premire online as one seamless broadcast this Sunday.

I pray that by posting this simple video, it may help another church for worship this very Sunday.


Florence UMC

Click the image above to watch a tutorial video.